Howdy folks!

So yesterday was my mean killing bug day, besides being black friday for most of the united states population. I was so crazed in trying to hit my short term deadline that I took a 12 hour snooze. I went to sleep at 12am, and woke up at 2:20pm. The beautiful part is that I had one awesome dream – I almost died in.

Briefly I want to talk about my dream if you don’t mind!

It was a hunt for me from aliens. Aliens wanted me dead. The reason why? because I was the reincarnation of an ancient angel that was cursed aeons ago. They, the aliens, called me Sisyphus, where I didn’t know much of this guy at all. I was then received by an oracle who told me that december 21st of this year was going to be the end of days. Soon after, someone knocked on the door and pulled me out. there was a crowd gathering in the apartment complex, where they were ready to purge me to the aliens. Then a police officer came to my rescue and rushed me off. Then after I discover it was the greys that want all “angels” to die. I was allocated to be a wanted angel human, in if I was destroyed, all hell would break loose because of a key in my living organism holding the world in balance. If I die, the world goes into hell – pretty much the message I got.

Alright! So let me continue with my bug report of my Project Mobile X game!

So, as far as I got it now, the game had to be rewritten because of a special detail I wanted in the game. It seems that I further broke the game as I tried to implement something that I had no knowledge about. I then proceeded to learn the physics feature set in GameMaker Studio Pro, and saw wild potentials for cool designs that I can do. I don’t want, though, to spend time R&D-ing about with new features yet, because I still need to finish my game, in time, before the year ENDS!

The reason why the anxiety rush of getting the game out is because I need money for GDC13. I want to go to GDC13, and I’m out of cash. I need to part take in that event to show off with other developers and get contacts that will help me get recognition. So the game breaking now doesn’t help at all.

So that small facial detail I have to eliminate so I can go back on the traditional way to work the game. I think because GameMaker doesn’t have a cross connection between the old and new features, and local physical gravity instead of just having one global gravity set, I would be able to accomplish having that minor facade fixed into the game.  I guess I can only have it set in Unity for the future much more improve iteration of the game instead.

And that’s my report until later next month, where if I accomplish to get it in a polished state, I will upload a trailer video of it! 😀

– g –