So it’s been more than half the month since I posted last. I’ve been very busy working super hard at my two games and editing videos for my goodwill boss.

So in today’s cause, I will give you guys some insight on what’s going on so far.

First! I couldn’t stay down and let time pass without working on my stuff. I was going to put it away and not bother, seeing how the video editing job was taking my time, but I managed and now I’ve been in a state of lunacy with it!

So I created a 10 min video to swallow. Again, it was out of the blue, but this time I didn’t edit anything. It’s straight raw footage for your viewing pleasure. The monthly review special that I do will be worked on, giving way more insight on what’s the deal with me and my life so far. I wish I could show vistas and stuff, but not until I finish my game projects and get that revenue.

Also, I suggest you to view “Indie Game: The Movie“, it is one documentary about independent developers labors of love quest for¬†recognition and financial salvation that made me overcharged to follow my dreams. This is the movie that reflects me the best currently.