Well! I finally got something very sweet! I have aquired a special plug-in that does iframes, and it lets me output my game! check it out! (still in alpha stages because it has no ending) –

CLICK on Thumbnail! Still in progress! Version 0.05a!

Note: Then click on the screen and press enter!

[for PC/MAC keyboards only or Android tablet devices that has bluetooth for connecting gamepads]

– g –


So! Currently I got up to version 0.12 and I split up the game into two! Is kinda of a volume set you can say. I won’t have it up now for everyone to play (only the special selected folks can try) but I plan to get it out by the end of January.

As well I wanted to mention that Vol 1 is branded as Arcade, while Surreal Attack is Vol 2. The difference I shall disclose it in a video coming soon a few days. I’m currently working on a super major video that’s in HD for no reason just to take up more screen space! lol I will disclose the progression of this month and Novemeber, as well as show my new years resolution and plans for 2013.

So stay tuned!