Hello guys!

So, I was going to put forward a 4 part animation video depicting what happen in 2012, but it’s just too much trouble since I’m currently occupied on my game project.

So instead I’m just going to be lazy and lump a 2 hour audio file for your curiosity.

I go into a lot of detail on this podcast too, and on my own editing and review on my review, I decided that why not just let you imagine the vistas I make out in the track and think its a long phone call instead? lol

I’ve never done just audio podcast before, but let’s try something new, yes?

Also – I give thanks to my good friend, brother from another mother, Moses, for helping understand a few things. As well there is a little something in the end for the one princess who in reflection has been so awesome to me. A reveal I dare to express in further detail in the podcast.

Another detail I have to outline is the Brian I talk about is Brian Eng, my awesome fellow GAD amigo who now has my office chair.

Going in deep with my personal stuff, I warn you that what I’m sharing is my summary on what I felt through last year situations as of the 4th January, 2013. Another time I might think of it differently, but I tried to be in the moment when telling my tale. I do confess that certain details are blurred, but the emotions are still active when thinking about them.

Warning: it’s 2 hours long.2012 Review – PodcastAudioScreen







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