That’s right, a new leafing plan! lol For 2013

Now, today, starts a new leafing time. It’s like the dragon finally is getting tired and the hard whips of the tail has finally subsided. A lot of people thought the new year was the end of problems and really try to dismiss the accounts of their own personal issues by setting their minds up for false promises and disappointments.

chinesenewyearThe truth here is that humans were not meant emotionally to deal with mentally setting a date to get to. The track record of ourselves that are not in routine, to all of a sudden snap into it, will not do good at all. One example is smoking. Many who I know have huge overtaking of stopping that nasty habit. 80% of my friends, who I witness this suffering, go back to smoking. The ones who actually quit have a really big catalyzing event that give them more reason to stop.

Sometimes we need someone to reflect on to change and set goals to, otherwise the self will only go back to what is comfortable and logically feel there is no real reason to change at all, while then the future person will feel very disappointed with the past self for not continuing with the new habit.

That’s why, going back to me now, I had many reasonable changing moments. One that really set my mind back was the operation in 2011, where I had to re-adjust my life over my physical changes. I had to re-learn how to walk, get off from bed, and eat. Because of the sensibilities of my intestinal operation, I had to go about new things. Right now, as it seems, it’s another turning point.

A feel good turning point, today, because my siblings all left the house.


Sunday has been a very relaxing day – but a strange one. That’s why I say, it’s a new turning point, because now I’m now, again, alone in the house. The parents and my aunt only resides with me – but all the noise and busy activities are now null with my siblings exits.

My little sister left with her boyfriend, and my brother escaped to las vegas with his partner in crime.

My sister also moved away from town, from her spot next to the train station. So things are whipping back to a calm state.

So, forming a new habit now that I have a lot of quiet time, seems to be an easy thing to do – or is it?

That’s why I need to transition do to something physical before I sit in front of the computer all day. Something small that will have me grow to it.

The habits usually take 6 full months to take effect. The previous 4 months has me hiding to my room to focus on just game creation and computer misc time. 99% of my time is spent on the computer while I’m awake – so it’s not good for my physical, I think, to be able to be sitting all day. So the walk I used to do in the morning with my dad has to wait until spring and thus the only thing now I’m looking at is the treadmill. We will see though, I’m not sure right this moment.

 So with that said, I’m working on many things for the next 5 months.

PlanOf5months2013Now besides the physical bugs that I have to iron out, I have a few project deadlines I want to get finished up too.

I pushed it for far too long, and Dark Zeta needs to get in on “ready” status soon. I haven’t finished because of so many different programming challenges that keep arising, in which I never predict it coming. Having compatibility with html5 is a bitch and lots of workaround I had to do to make it work. So we will see, I just need to create a chasing enemy and then setup 6 bosses with different states. I estimate, from this point, it will take me another month to get it in ready status.

The next goal after that one is to try a 2 week game jam project for mobile. A brand new game concept and completion to experiment the android market. That will be my set goal for march.

Also, I forgot to mention, is that I started on my dad’s advertising venture. I completed a week’s worth of posting ads up on the companies website (that’s 100 bucks per week btw). So by the time april comes, with a raise in march, I’ll have money ready to upgrade and for my loans.

So this leads me to April-

In April I’m going to be anticipating the loans pay off. The only truly biggest event in that month that’s an important highlight for this year is making out a check for the private loan. Everything else that will fall after that is getting my medical and doing taxes.

Then in May – I might have enough money to get a new computer and assemble it into Voltron Mark II.  Also by then I hope I’ll have my hard drives fully operational! (yes universe, please give me back my hard drives, PLEASE!)

Then – in june – if things go well with my dad’s new advertising business (in which right now is matching the family business btw), I’ll have money to go to San Francisco. I need to see my second home again, I need to see that wonderful person who’s letter starts with S.

. . . Oh, so I mentioned June huh? Heh, well that makes it a surprise 6 month plan! lol But I hope I can do this, that’s why I’m posting it up online so that the energy of everything and the intelligence can grant me a reflective message back on this wish, and form while I do my efforts for it.

– g –