Hey Folks!

So here is one big update to my current life story. Since the first of this year started out a bit rough already, I wanted to close a long back aching saga, now that’s appropriate to release.

It took me a day to put it together but it’s ready.

But I wanted to go into a few notes before viewing:

First – Since 1998, there was an old friend of mine who I met via my cousin’s computer screen long ago who have on and off jerked my heart and made me grumpy on my stance with relationships. I thought it well and this is snippet of information is more¬†therapeutic for me than doing anything else. I talk about my past attempts in approaching three different women who really rocked my perception of boston girls and how I feel about them. Also, closing my book on a bumpy friendship with someone who I thought would understand me after 14 years of craziness.

Enjoy! –


– g –