Hey folks,

I had a couple of new stuff working in the pipeline, but now are momentarily locked up because of my hard drive failing.

My main archival drive, in which I was using at the moment as my often used backup device to help with space limitations, went on the fritz this past week. Progress in my game and video editing gigs slowed down considerably because of it. The need for the new information for my game is paramount, but now it seems I have to count on something new new. So its difficult to adapt so suddenly after adapting to not having my super desktop machine, in which is largely the cause for me to stick with less powerful projects.

So here is my hypothesis I got going: It’s an electrical outlet issue.

How so?

Well, the electrical circuit in my parents house is ill setup. My room supposedly should be new line work, but the guy responsible and my father’s negligence, created the issue of irregular power in my current room. The flux of energy surges, even though I do have an old surge protector, it’s still not good enough and thus this issue. Also with my new drive being USB 3.0 – there were new issues that were clear about a new hard drive being slow. I only bought it in May of 2012 to back up my data before I left from San Francisco. Then later, when my mobile drive power supply failed, I backed everything of it inside my big new 3TB main archival drive.

So progressively through time I accumulated new data, and now with the video editing job, new responsibilities that are now locked inside the failing drive.

The good news here is, all data can be saved! I just have to save up about 1000 bucks for it. :/

That’s why I’m trying to find other ways that I can retrieve the data from the physical malfunction. Since the electrical line in my room is faulty, it probably short circuit the USB 3.0 control chip – which gives reason why it clicks and winds down after 3 min of normal use.

But there is 99% recovery probability that I’m actually happy about.

So now, I’ll suspend the Novemeber and December month review videos because of this issue until I get the files back. I’ll probably re-brand them as “G-Journal Special: The lost 2012 files” to put it up accurately with the times.

As for Dark Zeta, volume 1 will be pushed further now that AGAIN my story book has been sealed off in the drive. More new content as filler will be produced as a standby until I recover the original character bible within the drive.

As of how will I get the money to fix the drives? I’m officially am working with my dad again in the advertising venture he is in currently. This of course ripples my plans on flying to the west coast in March, as now I need to create a new priority in recovering my drives back and become 100% power G for my long term creative plan. The contents that lie in the drives (both my 3TB and 500GB) will put me back on track to create wonderful things again that has taken me more than 10 years to do!

I only tell the universe to please be patient and grant me the wish to gain back my information needed to succeed. please?!

– g –