Hey guys,


It’s been such a rough month that I didn’t have any energy to update my blog, since it takes a bit to do the presentation of it, and everyday since my grandma’s passing has been a very strange time to adjust.

I give thanks to my friends and especially to my family members for coming down in this time. I was so surprised to see my cousin Sasha and Susanna, as well as Angel, whom drove from New Hampshire at high speeds. Seeing them again was bitter sweet for the catalyst had to be the passing of my strong willed grandmother Cielito.

That wasn’t the only sorrow filed highlight of February. My dear and beautiful Sara, who’s has been struggling with so many losses, have just lost her grandmother a day before my own. Nancy was such a spectacular person. She was so welcoming, and very sweet to


my grandma

me. To think someone so dear have passed away, in which I couldn’t fly to see her funeral, made me feel so impotent. Both events made me feel so small and useless. My heart broke as when I heard my dear Sara’s voice over the phone. It’s like a harsh rain storm that flooded and destroyed everything.

For 7 days I then stopped working on the only thing that I only have control over, my game.

In the funeral, I saw so many who I haven’t seen in such a while. I was impressed that one lady, Bethy, did actually went to see me on the sunday morning of my grandma’s burial. It was like a sad dream passing.

I was going to make a video about this, but I don’t have the motivation for video right now. My heart is heavy with so much that went over this month. Now since October, I’m afraid what tomorrow will bring since every month has been gradually worse. My renew faith in god comes from such events. Is like if it was designed as mini plagues to conquer my heart again. I started believing in god again since I saw the planet ship warp into the sun in May of 2012 (NASA), so the tribulations wasn’t necessary. I just felt that the house where mass is taken space is there to purify the person’s souls. So when I went to see off my grandma, the ritual purified everyone who went.

So yeah, I believe in god, but in a very science meets religion kind of way. Everything in myth relates to science facts in profound ways that I never knew before. I since found a friend, who I call brother, that is teaching me astro-theology and guiding me to far fetched but real facts about science with religion in history. Real factual mental knowledge that I’m arming myself with. For what? To be the liberated one from the sea of zombies who are manipulated by the devices of the illuminated. Mindshift_chakra

So my grandma’s passing shocked my mind open, as I truly believe her presence is still with me and my family.

I know now that she knows the truth and she is guiding me to it.

– g –