Hey fellow curious cats!

First I want to say thank you for coming to my blog site. Being curious rocks! I promise to award your time accordingly. 🙂

This post I’m going to go in-depth about Dark Zeta.

First, for the wondering about the title spelling, I usually play around with the caps on to emphasize the power of it. I formally cap it in game, but for my writing it on blog stuff or online I usually just cap the first letter to be more contemporary about it.

Now that said, I like to mention about my misfortune in January with the event of my hard drive failing. Currently, with no money, I can’t recover my information that is trapped in my 3TB hard drive. I do hope in the future I can juice out my data from it but one fundamental detail I like to note is that the written bible for Dark Zeta is trapped in the malfunctioned drive.

So now, I’m redoing the story work – AGAIN.

The deal is I rewrote the story 3 times before. Reviewing the files I kept updating it with new ideas. I usually keep an old copy in my ipod shuffle and flash drives, but those are just backups that aren’t actualized with new mindful ideas. The last backup stemmed just before I jumped to school about 5 years ago! Madness- 5 years later I reformed my whole entire concept of Dark Zeta (even the title got upgraded) I tried a double backup from my desktop hard drive (currently locked down too) to my currently fresh 6 month old 3TB hard drive when moving, and STILL I got into the situation of it breaking down too.

Thus once again I am on to recreate my epic.

In all that has been noted, now my list of to do things is long but all possible to finish within this year. I’m currently unemployed, so progress might feel slow like molasses yet I got high hopes now with my team of 3 to help me out.

That’s right, I got help, although the more the merrier.

As for the progress level, I measure it being at 60% with volume 1 completed. Volume 2 will follow up with new game mechanics that aren’t in volume 1 and new game features that are really needed to replace the old html5 global leaderboard php code on mobiles and PC. That will take time of course, but as for content – everything is basically all set after the features are done with it. That’s why I choose pixel art than 3D in the first 3 game settings.

Let me go into more detail about the roadmap of Dark Zeta – first, I’m going to focus on the 3 part series in pixel art form. Then, when I get more money, I’ll do the next 3 parts in the series in 3D environments. The tool in mind I will use for the engine is Unity for 3D. Then when I have even MORE money, I’ll dive in Unreal for the chronicles era of the story.

Now, the first part of the game I’m putting out are from the pre-chronicles era of Dark’s history. Eleven years ago I did a full 8×10 comic illustrating the third story in the chronicles. That and then I went backwards to start on the first story of the chronicles until things got crazy in my life and my attention to it wane – to the point where I just didn’t care for it anymore.

Then I went back to school, got active in my old concept of Dark, and got back into recreating it for the present time. From there I thought that I’m not going to do a Nintendo reverse storytelling method. Instead I’m going to start from zero and chronologically explain the entire story forward.

With that said, I got new methods now to keep data in a better secure place. I thought, why not use the cloud already? So I’m using cloud services to back up important information, also of course, using the hosting service that I have my blog up and running, all for to save my data. To add as well, I got friends who I share my creative information and they save pieces of it, so when again it happens, I can pull the parts together.

I’m using a wide array of saving methods, but when fate beckons, I can’t do diddly shit about it. I just have to roll with the punches and be strong about it.

Thus I conclude, for now, this message – I’m just going to keep up and doing and changing until I reach my goal.

– g –