Hey folks,

I kinda lost touch with updating. I was meaning to post earlier this week but didn’t have any motivation to do so until now.

April, a fiery month full of events, in the earlier half being in the zone of Aries, things got intense where I live. In addition to that, my native city of boston, where I was born and grew up in, has been hit by questionable events that rocked the boat worldwide. I currently am in such a city that is hurt by plots of incomprehensible manner.

Last month of March was just a prelude to the sonic booming of things to come. I felt uneasy for a while, and the last half of this month I couldn’t sleep properly. One initial reason I was under the impression that a specific person I adore abandon me, but that wasn’t the case. For all that time I was seeking to recover with my creative initiative which is Dark Zeta.


Creation has cut my edge of feeling uneasy by a half  but I was still suffering. As this month, april, has entered into focus, I had the worse time concentrating. My emotions were piercing my nerves every day as if there was a premonition. Four weeks of nerve jerking had my ailments return from absence. I think many who suffer from something felt the same. Spring may have come but with human discord across the board.

Still though my game was forming into something everyday. Even though my sleeping habits swinged around the earth like a satellite, I am back into schedule again. I still worry if that was just the cycle that it is with me normally, as if it is a monthly cycle. Maybe a form of a manly period perhaps?  Nah, I think it just happens to be by stuff that happens to affect me.

What’s affecting me though, mentally, is just being a poor man, salvaged in a sanctuary that is made of gold, in which is poisoning me slowly seeing it as useless to help against what I owe.

The relation to that is because my school loans just started out asking money back. My period of forbearance is up, thus I’m rosted chicken for the moment with that! lol

Anyways, I want fate to give me a smooth and progressive May! Challenges are welcome, just no more of that bad mojo, just the good stuff I only ask!

– g –