Progress report:

So I finally renovated my Dark Zeta website with the actualized demo. Currently the demo version is at 0.14s, wheres I haven’t updated the site since version 0.04.

That’s a big jump but its been a year since I did anything to the site anyways. I added so much fixes its just too long for this post alone. Just know that this one is the complete Demo game until I release the PC version out on the site later.

Since my dad had the stroke recently, I will be putting my game project on pause. I will try to finish it, but it isn’t right now priority since now I have to learn how to work my dad’s business in his absence with my siblings.


The cool thing though is that my game has 20 endings and a global leaderboard to post high scores on. So I feel it’s complete for arcade style play for now. The PC has even more content and I plan to have a side quest with new story branches. Also I’ll be pumping it full of new bosses, cutscenes, and surprises. So I’m not through with it yet.

The original plan was to have it ready for Ouya this year, but because of my family emergency, I have to postpone it until I can schedule my projects properly with my new responsibilities.


(it’s recommended to play in FireFox than in Chrome)

– g –