Hey folks

You know as much as I want to give good news to my page for once, I just can’t. Especially now that I wish I could catalog beautiful pictures of a fantasized meeting with friends and family with cake and candle in the mix.


No I can’t, because what really happen was that my dad had a near death situation. That situation is what I labelled, on the day of my birthday, May Day.

On May 26, 2013, and hopefully me from the future can convey it for me of the past, was the day where my Dad suffered a stroke.

Yes, this stroke sneak attacked my dad, as if a shadowy person with a knife just came out of the bushes and stabbed him on the neck. Yes, it’s that intense for me; It’s that intense for my whole family from this event. It’s a turning point because now all my time for my game focus has come to a halt.


The very establishment that is my home is in jeopardy because the titan that is my dad is the very heart of the family financial engine that burns through the night. He is the caretaker of the Valerio family and the leader of many parties of the contributors that give to the community at large. The soul that runs that helms the ship of prosperity, that’s my father.

It’s like the sun went out on me for a day. He is my father, who I am the son that came from him and my mom first. This pains me, and a gift of life for the day of my birth is the crippling of my source of light and life.

The good news here is that my father is doing well and recovering. But he can’t helm the mothership into safe waters for a while. So that’s where I enter and help out.

My family is regrouping from this sudden change over. This nullifies all plans I had in a 6 month projection set, meaning I won’t be able to travel outside the USA to go to spain, nor I won’t be able to see miyamoto at E3 this year.

Well, I might be able to go, it’s only a weekend but we will see. That’s still up in the air.

Now with my father benched, I might be underestimating the tsunami wave that he has been holding up behind the walls.

So currently I only pray for a speedy recovery of my dear father.

– g –