Hey folks

So June is here-

This means that my youtube channel, Mariolegend, is going to be pushed forcefully into that new layout look that youtube has been flapping about all through the website as of recently. So I’ve been trying to revamp my mariolegend.com site with a new look but can’t decide if I should go WordPress or simple html?

In other news, my father is recovering at a super rate. He’s using his both arms and his vision is coming back! That means I can sit down and play tetris with him again, as well as play Super Mario Bros 1 with him like old times. Just before though, he needs that physical therapy to get his gears going.

As for my game, DARKZETA, I paused my activities now for a month and more so to concentrate in helping my siblings in getting the family on a good course, even though they don’t really need me, to cushion better the fall of my dad from the family business stuff.

I feel though addicted to creation, and can’t help myself on doodling here and there with game ideas that come from my dreams. I see that I should be able to make a plethora of games to post online on mobiles. As well as to learn how to understand the electronic ads that comes with it.

Talking about games here, one industry event is about to happen. The big one; The one party that happens to project the future of the interactive arts industry. It’s the Electronic Entertainment Exposition, or in short, E3!!!

This year the event is going to mark the transition of generation into the future. That means that shit that is shown this year will permeate throughout the next 7 years. That’s a lot writing down on this with top companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, and the current reformed Sony, who has demonstrated goodwill in positive change towards the future of development in games for all.blurb_e3exterior_20081020

Not to say Nintendo is behind now, they learned a valuable lesson the past few months with Wii U. Not to underestimate the indies nor shun away the blue ocean marketing strategy. Wii U is largely different from the other two, and by the looks underpowered, but like my friend has mentioned, it’s all about the games. If you don’t have the games, consoles or anything will be damned.

So to suit the developers of all creeds and dimensions, the abilities of the console should have many liberties as other platforms. Power is only suited to the big companies who love to burn cash just so because of the expected scale of production. This is why I’m in love with Sony recently for having to shed that terrible Ps3 is the god console complex, and came back to earth to be, what I call it, the “creators” platform. Where technically there is much more freedom than to the other options on the table. Nintendo has seen what’s going on in the market with competitors, that they are so open to getting mobile developers to jump in and make games for their platforms. I say that’s a beautiful thing. That opens Nintendo into new friendships and endeavours not imagined before.

Microsoft on the other hand is now too arrogant, just like Sony was with the Ps3, such that they have alienated on the hardcore group on the coming out party of the Xbox One. E3 will only concrete the deal finally and clear up a few questionable things that confused the gaming audience in that event. Now if the recent 1 billion dollars investment I recently read wasn’t any indication that Microsoft isn’t serious about games, then something is gravely wrong if the poo of the previous event won’t get fixed with E3. This is why both Sony and Nintendo stocks went up after the miserable Microsoft event.

So that’s what’s going up currently in my mind.

and thank you for reading.

– g –