Hey folks!

So getting back into gear here, this month of July has been insane for the least part. The start of this month I reactivated my facebook account. I believed it was time to come back in the pool, but still feel discontent about the whole controlled system. Still no animated gifts feature?! Once they add that, Facebook will be much more alive for me.

I’m old fashion though and usually don’t like to post events of what’s going on to facebook. I usually do so on Google+ or twitter instead. Twitter not so much though.

Anyways, since the first two weeks were hilariously intense for me, I thought of the zodiac powers that be. Since June was all hellish with my dad in the hospital and his ventures in limbo, while I was like a headless chicken running around in circles, I found solace with a friend who’s name is Fran, who helped a lot in that moment in time.

Unfortunately under the house of Ouranos and the sign of cancer, shit got real in a bad way. From simple friendly gestures, to flirting, to fully blindly falling, things got rachet when the third round of questions became the breaks of such a gravitational oddity. Her lustful choices lead her to a heartless person who spinned her into an attitude that I didn’t really liked. First I was overthinking things and really wasn’t clear because I was reacting with my heart instead of my mind. So of course I got burned and should of seen the warning signs, in which were plenty by the way.

That was just the first 2 weeks, which felt like forever in July. I shed a tear and blah blah then saw things straight ahead afterwards. She gave me an ultimatum and I decided she was right about not being friends anymore. So I cut ties on all social media with her, which hurt btw, and just moved on.

I got too close to the sun and got burned. Simple as that. But no worries, things then got real good a week later.

As Cancer sunset out, Leo came aggressive in good favor! I got focused again on to my project and started killing bugs and posting new updates of my game. Eventually I got working a few cool things. The password screen keyboard is enabled now and I reduced Dark’s colors to 4 so it feels more NES like. Then decided I’m going to release the game on Ouya first, continuing after that will be Volume 2, the second half of the first chapter of DarkZeta.

Ouya Controllers

Ouya Controllers

So losing out on one thing helped me focus on another. The best part is that now even my father has recovered back his strength at 80%, he just needs his vision back.

For Next time – I’m going to talk about last week’s efforts on dumping all that trash from the backyard, 2nd floor porch, and just one room in the basement! To top all of that before, what is going to be worked on is the last part of the basement and the attic. With what has already been done has filled three solid dumpsters cans.

But more on that next time-



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