hey folks,

Just a simple update-

JoanDuran_rememberingIt’s august 10, the anniversary of my old friend passing. I wanted to give a moment of silence for my good friend Joan Duran. He was a great man. In the brief time I had with him, I learned you have to keep yourself intact from adversity. The only person who counts first is yourself. Help others in need and share knowledge and be authentic. Those elements I reaffirmed with his companionship.

Now that I put those thoughts aside, I wanted to mention about my Basement digging quest.

My favorite game way back then

basement findings

In the depths of the humid and web heavy cellar, with the air filled with cat hair, I managed to discover many family artifacts that triggered my nostalgia. Tapes unplayed for 4 – 7 years leaning towards oblivion – I managed to find a classic time were I enjoyed with my family. The golden era that I was fortunate to experience that’s now long into history.

Seeing how many tapes are now at its end, the only way to save them is to upload them to the cloud. Hard drives are really not a good medium to store them by how they fail so quickly. So currently the uprise of the availability of the cloud has given me some hope to store my family’s rich moments there.

The humidity had ravaged most of the tapes in the basement. I found favorite video tapes that are now unplayable. The mistake was the push in a changing mentality. The mold has then took resident in mostly the older casings. I read that it is possible to revive and restore some of them if the mold hasn’t eaten them up. The humidity levels were steady so I didn’t see any sticky tape syndrome but that doesn’t mean that the tapes are playable.

I found though that one of the videos I edit from the family Disney vacation is still in good condition. I’m surprised because it didn’t have a VHS slip but I guess it worked being in the center of the box. Still, there were a lot affected. I just hope to be able to restore the real important ones.

I just need a tape cleaning machine to be able to take the mold out of the tapes.

Besides that, later this month I’ll have a video to show my basement cleaning activities that has taken away my game making focus.

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