Hey folks,

I wanted to end August with a nice quick summary because I don’t want time to be up on me before 12am

It. Was. Awesome!

Just to note, I’m now on the payroll of my family’s business, thank goodness! Previously I was just volunteering and getting small benefits while both my sisters high roll out in it.


Just simply mind blown


That’s a good end though, that means I’ll have enough to resurrect everything that I lost earlier this year. Well, not everything, but some things.

Like my Hard Drives! I really need it back. Also, now I can save up for a new PC, WiiU, Ps4, Vita, and maybe – A VERY SMALL MAYBE – Xb1.

I want to be into the grounds of my world and play as many of my fellow indie games on these platforms as I possibly can.

So besides all of that, the crazy month started with a nice bang! Seeing it was under the sign of Leo, the most awesome time of the year for me. Lots of changes of course kept coming through as it spilled from the cancer sign over but things really started picking up beyond anything had went in this year.

First my dad got better, but then slipped slightly off when the epilepsy episode happened. Now we have to monitor him 24/7 to protect him from bumping his head into anything. Another GREAT suffering event for me, in which is still going on, the complete cleanout of the house valuables. Trashing everything that isn’t of use anymore, and discovering many things had already expired in the process. A very sad ending, and it is still going on because, reaching over Virgo, the attic is next to be cleaned out.

Of course, I’ve been building enough videos and pictures to demonstrate in a later post, but first I need to find a time alone to record and edit the presentation voiceover. I wish I had my own office to work on things without environmental disturbances, but soon I’ll have time to express myself fully in a later post about all of this.

Oh and just today my uncle from florida came to visit my dad, which in course with family things, I snapped.

OKAY! ¬†Those are the highlights of this month, and I’ll show many more, I promise! Also I’ll be at THE BOSTON FESTIVALS FOR INDIES in 12 days from this post!


– g –