Holy shit batman!

It has been coming and nobody knew when. The struggle to keep the family business alive for so many years has now been given away to experienced individuals within the company.

I don’t know the exact details of it but what I learned is that two top drivers are now in charge of what once was my dad’s roaring pioneering transportation company. IMAG0024_mediumBW

It IS very sad news but now my sister can chill and my dad can relax. The strokes my dad endured this past summer was indication of great change in the family’s life short term and long term plans. It’s still a big move and a very concerning one at that because of such a transition. Now we only have one company to depend on. This is serious because now we are really in a risky position by relying on one international company to give us what we need to thrive.

31 years ago my dad learned the ways on how to become his own boss. Doing this he pioneered an idea that benefitted him to really great heights of prosperity. He created Gerardo’s Transportation, a private door to door service company that gets the customer from boston to new york without worrying about maps and how to get to such position. A convenience that the americans let go by installing more security measures to control everyone’s life. Thus as the years went by, the business got harder and harder to manage.

A simple concept really – carpooling people from their door in Boston, then to leave them off their own doorstep in New York. Something that no one really came up at the time but my own father. This lend to a revolution of activities in my life. So seeing this go is really a shocker to me but expected.

Again it was expected because of my dad losing control after his health diminished from the strokes that had happen on my birthday.

This sends an alarm in my psyche, seeing that things are really getting tricky and very fragile.

Update: As I talked to my dad about it, he tells me that the business has to go through a strategy change in skin only. The business will still go on but most of the legacy stuff will become void with the new change. Interesting that these is happening to a small local business that has been running for so long, but I haven’t went to school for it so I know as much as I learned on my own.

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