IMAG0341_smallHey folks,

As you well know, if you are following, my current activities at my home are about tossing out old stuff from my house. Right now the focus is on the attic, as I have assembled the stuff that’s gonna go out to the dumpster.

Note: One thing I should warn you guys, my grammar isn’t very good but I do try to practice getting better. If anyone wants to help me correct stuff, just hit me up on the “contact me” tab on the top right side of the screen. (I’ll be floating around)

So this ordeal has taken me away from my game developments but I have been in-between trying to get some time to fix things. There is one major challenge right now that I have been working very hard at. The highscore leaderboard system is glitchy because I’m trying to get it to work on android locally using .ini thing-of-a-bob. Again I’m not a programmer, I’m a designer, so learning how to code is tough. I never took any classes in programming but everything is self taught. Using youtube and reading tutorials and seeing examples I managed to learn how to get so far into making my own game.

This is why my game is taking me long to make although I have been able to really get good at it, I just wish I had someone to help me.

Now going back to the dumpster thing – since it affects my psychology a lot, seeing that it plays into my memories, I’ve been trying to find one artifact that I have left behind since I went to San Francisco in 2008. It seems that it’s really lost somewhere in the house and because of all the commotion of throwing stuff out and repositioning as well, I feel really sad about losing such a thing to time.

In there I had the letters of Nintendo way back then when Nintendo Power was really popular. I also have my original 5 year old drawings that are exclusively rare, as I have written a message in between my inspirations that I wanted to decode for myself. This childhood colorful book bag is really really valuable to me but it seems it simply disappeared into the void without anyone really noticing.

So I’ve been trying to find this thing in the attic and basement as I monitor what things are thrown out to filter through the other stuff.



This is causing great anxiety in me.

This is not letting me focus. I only ask why should we have to even go about getting a second dumpster for the attic if all the real trash have been tossed, like the sheetrock and the wood that has been purged from the second floor renovations?  It just doesn’t make any sense to me that even the relics of time, which isn’t many, has to go too. It doesn’t even take up 40% of the attic. So I’m just fatigued mentally about this.

It’s all about to end, hopefully tomorrow, when the helpers come back to take that 1% of the empty boxes I collected into a spot out to the dumpster. With that, I’ll be content, and I will be able to concentrate on being more constructive.

Today’s list to do is getting my side job done and diving in the dumpster one last time to triple check if they haven’t thrown out that relic of time of mine.

I know, I’m mad but I’m adjusting. It’s my own personal fight that I understand but no one else will.

– g –