Hey folks!

So as you see, I had to change everything on my blog [if you’ve been here before you will know]. This is the second change of the year, initially I wanted to keep changing it around slightly, but since S3Slider plug-in support has been dropped [really hard to find help to fix it] I had to do an emergency makeover.

Maybe I’ll return to the previous skin when I find someone really skilled to teach me how to fix the issue. Until then, I have gotten myself a mobile friendly wordpress theme that can be adjusted anyway I want. The only thing I will miss is the iconage I had going on my older skin. This one though lets me do more animated gif stuff and again switch position of many elements. I’m still not done with the site yet as I am still getting adjusted to the new mechanics of it.

I will though again be much more enthused on updating my blog a bit more often than before. I see that I only have 20 pages of entries since 2007 [that’s terribly way too low]. So I’ll be trying to up the entry count just to have more in-depth detail of my journey in this crazy life.

I do have 500 entries I saved from myspace that you guys haven’t seen before. I should of imported it when I had the chance but instead I have it saved as plane text and as a pdf file as well, so we will see how I’ll be able to store it here.

Anyways, speaking of regeneration, today is Doctor Who’s 50 Anniversary and with such the special episode will be premiered finally today. I don’t know if I will be able to watch it though because I don’t have BBC one. I do have my subscription on youtube and amazon, so we will see if I can see it there.


– g –