Oh yeah baby!

IMAG0002I invested for the next 8 years of awesome gaming.

First of all, I wanted to say that I missed out on the previous generation of Sony and microsoft products because on that war I was mostly a Nintendo Fanatic. I got a DS, 3DS, Wii, Gamecube, and you guess it what comes next, so usually I skip out on the others because I’ve been mostly a Mario guy. This generation I change my choices for the reason that Nintendo is getting really confusing.

But I’m not going to go and elaborate on that on this post. Wait for something really special that I will prepare to show my complete frustration with Nintendo later.

Now I wanted to showcase my glee with Playstation 4, the better of the three choices in my most humble opinion. Why? First the specs give this machine potential beyond the two. Second, the curiosity of the UI of the now current generation of Sony products. Initially I was more siding with microsoft on an Xbox one, but since E3 happen and made light of many very strange practices that they are up to, I then decided on a PS4 and concurrently fully sony loaded family too, which I mean I picked up a Vita as well.

Now why all this Sony love all of a sudden? Well I want to make a point and also another factor on my choice is the great ceremonious warming for indies. I’m largely interested in smaller projects, as you can see I have an Ouya too, so the love for indies on a Playstation will be given much love. All three devices, Ps4, Ouya and PC will receive my love letter to the indies. Yes, I am one starting out, but in the meantime when I work on my own, I will be lending my wallet to those who made their creation go on those platforms. My not indies on Microsoft? Well I heard horror stories on Microsoft, but as well lucky stories for others. I waged though that I will stick with one who is 80% more loving, as I perceive it is, than the other platform until further notice.


Now let me go back on the ps4 and family. OH FUCK YEAH MAN! This system is just way too smooth of an experience. I’m just waiting on the cloud to open up all those ps3 games so I can download them too and get the complete Playstation experience in one box. Just before though, Resogun, my first 2 player online co-op experience. That game is fantastic! Short and sweet. With it I see much potential for the future as the particles system in it is superb. The gameplay really easy to pick up too. Also the friendship making is very easy to do and the messaging system very basic and really open on the ps4. For instance, I can write messages using my android Tablet on the playstation app, also upload picture and audio recordings to the private message with EASE. The audio quality of voice chat is on point and make your own chat party working very well too. The dreaded first day update was fantastically fast! 30 minutes and go!

Moreover You can stream your gameplay and share your screenshots. I find that very pleasing feature because I like to share people my experiences at certain key points in the game. Video recording and uploading to Facebook is cool, just that I want more options open to upload it to youtube, Vimeo or Google+. I guess there is that potential for now and the quality of the video upload on point as well.

Ps4 Family

Now let me go into the games I have – Assasin Creed 4!!!!! Yeah baby that game is super crisp in native 1080p! Textures are as if you are playing on the PC. No more of that blurry skin that you would experience with third party games on the ps3/xbox 360. Because I had roommates with those systems, I spectated to view the flow of the games. Although my thorough playing of the Wii has made my senses explode with the ps4 first hand, I have experience from afar the ps3 and Xbox360 visuals. The other side note I wanted to add is that I went to school on how to do graphics for current gen and handheld games as well. So I know. Is just that the ps4 has blown my mind away on the execution. It’s like when you bake a cake, and you put ingredients that are theoretical, then after application, the result is the taste of it. AND BOY DOES IT TASTE GOOD!

One thing I want to point out that really annoys me with the previous generation of consoles is that flickering of shadows at certain point of the games. When the object is glowing and then you see that rash rough edge shadow blink when the camera moves. That really isn’t an issue anymore with the Ps4 nor PC. Ouya doesn’t even have that issue either. It could very well be the game engine handling the shaders all wrong, using Unreal 4 although I have seen the same effects go about in Unity 3 in certain cases, but Unity 4 doesn’t have such thing. So with that said, I feel right at home with the immersion of the visual with the ps4’s mega powers.

There is nothing to say about the gameplay but that it is a continuation of the past generation. What’s new now is the oh so awesome capacitive touch pad of the ps4. The matte finish is top notch for me, and the buttons are all on a good spot with my hands. So playing Battlefield 4 with the analogs and trigger is very nice, and jumping on the rooftops on AC4 is smooth and responsive with such controller. I now wish to use the dualshock 4 on a Fighting game……

So I feel the ps4 is the definitive game console to get, but at the current state is a bit anemic in games at the moment. I say wait for a few months so that games like Drive Club and InFamous: Second Son are open options to get. Moreover I feel that AC4 is just right at this instance for me, as the same with battlefield 4 and Resogun [which that game comes free if you get the PS+ service]. Although you know I’m a Mario guy, it’s hard to play a first person shooter….

I say bravo to Sony in their fourth Playstation marvel. Of course, I’m very RPG centric, so when those games come, I’ll be ready. [Staring at you FF15 and KH3]

– g –