Hello again my friends!

In this post I want to share with you my ambition on getting my project Tribus Fabula going. I started this project in 2005, then matured it in 2009, and then reviewed it again in 2010. This is my long term philosophy story project that uses a lot of study of psychology and social studies. It’s my answer to the Marvel universe and Doctor Who. It’s incredibly ambitious, and at the same time, very simple to feel for.

This project is not an 8 bit composition of a game, but more a concentration on modern storytelling. It’s my own practice that I want to give to the world and let others bring in their own point of views into this multiverse. The concepts of time and space are really open, even a view that doesn’t even use time and relative space into the binding of the world I want to share to everyone.

Moreover concentration on just one game’s programming and storytelling has hindered my progress in what I want to artistically project to many, in my pursuit of getting Dark Zeta Vol 1 done. The future is having a typewriter open or canvas to easily apply the ink on and make diagrams of a universe for everyone to experience. My hardship with programming is the only obstacle that has me slowly show what my head contains to demonstrate.

Thus so I have decided to just finish on DarkZeta Vol 1 and take a big pause to do Dark Zeta Vol 2. Two years working on one thing really can drive one person mad. The Gamemaker engine evolves so quickly too and I don’t have time to think about the new features, thus I don’t update because when I do, I have to go back and fix something that the update broke. So when I work I don’t update if the engine would send my progress into the trash bin. Sometimes updates are so enticing though, but I would have to redo 2 weeks of work if I decide to, which I have done in the past.

So as I am always shifting in mind and creative focus, I change tracks to make something else. This is where I stop myself and think and then tell myself to finish before starting something else. The battle of the mind against that creative will to do something else is one I blame for my lateness. This is why I change tracks and focus on something else to invigorate on the previous project. This is the reason why I have a parallel project called Tribus Fabula. I tend to do this change every 3 months between one and the other.

Lately though I haven’t let myself do so. The pressures comes from my own reality, meaning my family motives and business has affected me in many ways on working on one particular game.

So currently I’ve been amassing a large amount of money to get certain projects going since my side job has become my income to fuel my future projects with. I will be doubling my investments in February, where if the economy is still ticking, I’ll be able to get enough cash output to get another gamemaker programmer on board to advance my projects much faster than what I can do alone.

So in the meantime, visually, I’ll be producing an animation for the teaser of DarkZeta and then getting those two levels out afterwards as planned. Just that I will be taking a break in the end of it.

– g –