Hey folks!

First I wanted to take note to inaugurate my first entry from my desktop after the end of my laptop’s run. Poor Falcon, it’s now in good rest. It has developed a fault since I overused it all throughout 2012 to 2013. It’s been the mobile fortress that I used to create and share all the current stuff up until now. I’ll be taking it to get repaired later.

Now for the subject at hand!

As you have looked through my blog about my Dad’s business that has been let go after 30 years – the update is that since October, the company has been trying to reboot back into gear. It’s one that the very new system in place that Massachusetts state require are just too many and overwhelming. Everything was fine for the past 30 years, but now the state want to intervene into small business affairs. It’s okay that some regulations need to be strengthen but to really block the little guy is for me just madness.

I might not understand what is really going on but I know that things can get better. The only fact here is that my dad has given up on the company run since he had a stroke in May. It is way too draining for him to handle. So as he was warning me a year before, he has put the company into a process where is being sold to a person suited to manage the job. I for sure am not handling the business since the conditions are really way beyond my head. As the business had its fruits in the maddening level of labor – it finally is time to move on.

Thus with the motion of selling the company to the person interested – the burden is slowly being lifted as the process finally reaches its end soon. The new owner will do all he can to make it better but first must operate with new regulatory guides to make the transportation company fly. I’m certain that he will be able to.  It’s always a sad ending to see something so iconic in my life go. It’s been there since I can remember. I was so angry at that company since it took my dad’s time away. In one part I personally feel good about it’s demise, but another part of me just feels nostalgic.

So with this I can say my dad is recovering and feeling relaxed and focused on his healing since the company is now in good hands. I feel grateful for everything that the company was able to supply but is all now to get my dad back to health again.

Till later-

– g –