This special post is to show the already lost things I did before and where I stand currently.

[Warning: This post is media heavy, your mobile device might not be able to handle the awesomeness]

The current stuff-


My Portfolio Playlist. (48 video pieces)

3D meshes-

Video game developments –

As you see, what is above is the culmination of 2 years work. Unfortunately Since I left school, my hard drives [3] have failed, thus much of my time in seclusion made me to return and rebuild what I lost, even the written script of Tribus Fabula, were only bits survive with Dark Zeta’s recently revision script [2012] locked in a logically failed drive.

In continuum, some of the work I posted online survived – thus I can share it. Later when I revive my drives, I will share more!

So if you were wondering where is my focus on the creative side, this is the post for you.

ScreenShot_Unity_SlamEscape Don Luccas On DreadMech_preview Jim'sFedoraInTheWater02 OfficeUpdateWAO_05-13-2010_10 OfficeUpdateWAO_05-13-2010_02 OfficeUpdateWAO_05-13-2010_05 OfficeUpdateWAO_05-13-2010_08



Then some Animations and 3D stuff I did while in school

Also I made this-

Me and Ed

and in ancient times before youtube-

And then there is this long video of the walk for hunger special edition G-journal I made in 2007

Walk For Hunger GJournal SE

[more to be updated later in this post]

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