Hey folks!

So I have some good stuff to declare today! Actually I wanted to say all about it the past few days but I got all into trying to fix this damn page. lol

Anyways – My two great talented musicians are on for my DarkZeta/Tribus Fabula project(s)! One is a graphic designer and musician, the other is a 2D pixel asset artist and musician as well! They are Glen Canales and Zoe Coleman! Both extremely talented folks who love what they do. Glen is currently focused on the marketing and graphic designing as well he wants to give his half in making a special composition note for DarkZeta.

Zoe so far made the track for Level 6a and as well help to give me a specially composed track for the animation that is still in production [http://zoecolemanmusic.com/news/]. Since the holidays love to make me pull away from the creative stuff and as well other little things that snow ball all the time away, cough, ps4, cough, I’m still on working to get DarkZeta going. Unfortunately I have to push again my official release of the game to the end of January instead of the end of December.

Both my awesome talented maestros will deliver one of the bests works that I have the certainty to declare for today. Patience is only needed for a well made works to come together as one.