Wassup Folks! Happy new years! [If I didn’t say so before]

I have more video clips that I found recently on my phone. Again the whole point was for me to compile a big long video with all the stuff I captured the past half year of 2013. The good thing is that I am able to share those moments with you raw on my blog [exclusively here only and not on youtube]. This post though will be the last one highlighted on my front page. Because there is a truck load of clips I want to share, I will not be wasting time making banners just for it. lol



The Dumpster Saga – Basement 1

^[Note: I’m talking in spanglish, a mix between english and spanish]

^This is when I started going in the basement, in the back room where the contents of my brother were. The mice had raided this region, thus I had to toss out 90% of the things in here. One of those things was my treasure – the colorful bookbag – by blind disgust of what the mice have done.

(I regret that moment in time)


The Dumpster Saga – The CD case Discovery!

^So it was buried deep within the basement after all! 2 years searching for this thing, thinking I took it with me. This is when I realized something about perception in life can be bent – which is a very dangerous realization to me.


The Dumpster Saga – Hammer time!

^A choice of furniture that I didn’t agree to have in the first place. So seeing it getting hammered was an eye opener, as my mother told me the backstory after it was “processed”. Again, more lessons I have learned the summer of 2013.


Survived Family tapes 1

^I have discovered that one of my uncle’s tapes were in my possession, so I tried to test if the tape was still playable – and it was!


Survived Family tapes 2

^I found the Disney tapes as well!


Survived Family Tapes 3

^Another Moment to capture and save if the case maybe that I can’t upload the entire tape later in Digital form.


The Dumpster Saga – Basement Ruins

^This was truly a great loss of relics of the past. The mice it seemed they were FURIOUSLY trying to find that chocolate. I am sadden about this revelation, thus I was acting in program to clean than to rationalize to keep things since the mice devoured and crapped all the fun things my brother had.


So thus this post ends but there is still more to share. Stay tuned!

– g –