Hello amigos!

So here I have you some more video clips to show. This time it’s a few I took from the Boston Indie game festival 2013’s auditorium conclusion. I wasn’t up to recording everything in there because I was way too busy playing indie games and talking to people.


First I want to showcase a small gallery of the Boston Festival of Indie games pictures I took then [sept 14th].

6th Final dumpster РAttic Reprieve 

^Taking a break from the brutal punishment of tossing things out from the attic so I can get ready to go to the festival in 48 hours time.


Defective Studio Oculist experiments

^I tried out the game they were making and it’s fun for the full purpose use of the OR, just that there is strobing issues when you turn your head. If only OR can get it up to 60fps.


The auditorium part 1


The auditorium part 2


The Auditorium part 3


The auditorium part 4


The Auditorium part 5


The Auditorium part 6


And that concludes this post! I hope you enjoyed! There is more clips in the bin to post later, so stay tuned!

– g –