Hey folks,

Me after surgery

Today I wanted to mention about my anniversary of my big life changing moment. Something I didn’t foresee happening since I thought my journey to San Francisco was going to heal me and not hurt me. This moment in time changed my course of life drastically, more so put me in spots of impotence than what I like to be. Not to say it was negative, it also was a calling to reset and go back to family. In many ways this event caused a lot of rethinking about my motion to be at an art school that is only focus is to chew you up and spit you out. Failure is my positive, and I welcome it – but the magnitude of the school I was going was way too much for me. The underlined statement was “Failure isn’t an option” when going through the course at the Art Institute of San Francisco. Once I was able to fly back to boston with my then ex, everything came down on me the first day of the new year [2011]. Stress was the culprit, not failure. Failure makes me learn and teaches me how to become stronger, but stressing over it was killing me softly. I wasn’t strong enough to take it head on it seemed, but that’s why the moment came – so that I can evaluate and be clever about my next move in life.

So I face failure as a teacher in learning how to be clever in life. I will not take the ego concept of a linear path, as life is a wibbly wobbly pile of lines all compressed together that sometimes just doesn’t make sense until after the fact [sometimes it doesn’t at all until you see it in another life]. The universe response though to what you want through prolonged emotion regardless if it is good or bad. Another note to mention is the  only true defining challenge will always be a form of limitation, even if you have limbs and can sprint meters – limitation is the master class that we come here to learn, and it will always be.

Anyways I recorded a short little vid for whom want to see how I am doing. Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. [excuse my cursing, I just feeling the blues and letting go some steam]

– g –