Hey there amigos!

Project_SuperDark64_previewSo whoever follows me on Twitter @DarkZetaX or have been stalking me @Gerardolegend or another place, I mentioned that I’ll be working on Dark Zeta Vol 1 this month. Regardless of any inconvenience in life that may happen for this month, I’ll be crawling my way into progress with my baby. Right now I’m in desperate need of cash to get this thing off the ground. I’ll be reworking the game to cast it for a new fresh take on it. As so, I also started my venture into learning Unreal 4 for my Project_SuperDark64, in which I plan to complete in 6 years. Furthermore the old arcadish pac-man style game that is Volume 1 I decided to have it like an extra within the game, kinda like Super Mario All-stars had Mario Bros Arcade inside as extra and mature Volume 1 into a full action-RPG. So there will be a fresh new look once I get V0.20 ready for folks to indulge.

Now, if I can get help in my patreon, then you won’t have to wait 6 years for my masterpiece 3D epic to be released to the world. Once I’m done with DARK ZETA Vol1&2, PART II, and PART III – I’ll devote all my powers for the 3D third person epic adventure game. I’m not going to commit the same hollywood mistake to create prequels of a progressive series. Every single piece adds to what will make sense out of the 3D adventure game. All powers will be featured in the 3D epic, so that’s why when it finally comes – it will blow everyone away.

Moreover just before, I really need you to help me advance my efforts 2 fold with a small donation. I would really appreciate it and as well I’ll have your name listed in the game as well.


So here is to a productive month!

– g –