UPDATE ——————————- [Nov 17, 2014] —————————–

So a day after I posted this, Nintendo comes out saying that they will let Fans do work on their intellectual properties… Fascinating! Then I guess less of a bug out from them if I do, but I have in store a story that spans Konami/Hudson, SquareEnix, SEGA, Capcom, Shonen Jump/Bird Studio, and Burger King nostalgic icons of the 80s and 90s besides Nintendo to use in an animation I intended to make after my stop motion project long ago. To be clear, It’s Project Childhood heroes – were once before I made a stop motion animation using the toys I had before, but now in the advent of digital technology, and the likes of Dead Fantasy animator Monty Oum proving that doing fan in motion art is extremely beneficial to grab attention, who also made Samus Vs Master Chief, then I’ll shall as well be producing stuff like so as well. The attention is needed to get my other projects on the road.

Since animation technicalities doesn’t take long for me to make (no Interactive programming, and assets are mostly already made, even music and SFX I have from 14 years ago like DBZ as well easily found online), I can pump something out quickly before the year ends, like a pilot of sorts. Since the key time here is 10min, I’ll focus on small animation cuts and as well quick render times now gives out for better output production time than 10 years ago.

So it’s go time!

—————————————————- Original post ——————

Hey Guys,

So last month I had posted about my patreon thing for Dark Zeta. Nothing came about from that and no one of my 1999 but one amigo helped out on it. So nobody but one person cares about my creative endeavors, so feeling a bit discouraged about it now since I need more folks to help out. The same goes with my job search, in which yielded a dire impression to the state of the game industry. Folks only care for properties that are already established and don’t want to waste money on original IP, even though there are plenty who have been successful about it, that success is extremely difficult without help to achieve it.

Unreal4_GXSchemeThen we have re-imagined mix clones like Super Meat Boy, Candy Crush,  and the countless flappy bird clones. It’s not new, it’s all either money driven inspiration or simply a homage to the past, like my own Dark Zeta pixel game. I’m thinking maybe folks will be enticed on my direction on it, but nope. I guess there is no real connection to push people to help me prosper with this.  Under the hood though, it’s a diamond waiting to be uncovered, but not many are ready for it.

So with absolutely no funds to keep the project open, I have to close it down until I can get a job and sustain it. Instead, the only free thing to get attention at the same time is to blatantly copy and clone others. Steve Jobs did it, Bill Gates too, and also countless others. Minecraft isn’t minecraft without other sim games like SimCity or Black & White inspiring developers youths to make games that reflect those as a homage. Sandbox games always has been popular since Lego blocks came to the forefront, just that it is now digital domain where the player can do anything and be free to build.

Furthermore on Dark Zeta Vol 1, it suppose to be really broken, like many games in the NES games of yore, while Vol 2 would mimic closely the quality of Zelda’s third installment, a link to the past. The 3D adventure game that I promise will be much more closely made out to be like God of War with more Zelda appeal to it, but since it will take 6 years to make, I’ll change how it will play, as I’m still determining how to get 4 main heroes who will help the hero’s quest in the game play for players to control. It could mimic Secret of Mana’s way of play, switching characters at will while you play in action versus a MOBA style or Strategy game where you simply click to the target. The only problem I’ll get from that is balancing the Ai, as that would be the only downfall for such a game style since it has been very critical with the Mana games, but I will find solutions. Simply think of Bayonetta but with 3 extra characters in the field where you can switch at will between them, while the ones you don’t are controlled by the Ai.

Going back to the depressive money issue, sadly I have nothing to work on DZ, so I have to find quick solutions now, and seeing how clones, remakes, homages, and sequels are making money, I have to put my project in the back burner again, but I’ll be R&D-ing for it with other mini clone/homage games and freeze the experimentals until another time where I can afford it.

So I’m going to use what I have and make an animation based on a Nexus that connects the Mario Universe and others. I’m also going to make a bunch of clones using assets from other games, because the industry has made me realize that is how you get attention, bad sadly, but that’s how people take notice. In the last 7 years I really tried to be pure and original with my own creative things, but the industry is way too saturated and consumers will not ever see it if I don’t make a big event to get them to help me out on my original stuff. I feel desperate at the moment, don’t know what I can do to get help for my projects. I really don’t want to be evil, but how can I penetrate this wall of ignorance?

So to follow on what is my plan in summary,  since I was 13, I made a story from the toys I used to play with. My child mentality didn’t die off, as I sustained the qualities to keep my creative motivation going throughout my life. So certain things are written down, and I still imagine it today. I have no children of my own because I never let my past go, but its because my dream overlaps everything of my being, and I don’t care for anything else but to be able to finally reach this goal and put it past me. Somehow life has curved me to this position in life, and once I let go of the past, then I’ll be free to experience the new things, but not until I make my dream a reality. If I die before reaching it, then oh well, I know I did try my hardest for it before anything, and I still continue.

In reverse, I know why I’m here in the now, as I choose it to be. Everyday is a decision, and that’s the part that I feel so discouraged, because I realize that holding on to the past is pointless.  What is the aim if all that will serve is only the self. The story I built in the game is only second to the nature of the software, and only 2% of those who play will understand it. The cut throat nature of mobile, and the iron fortress that are the islands of consoles in the market, is a stronghold that feels impossible but beatable. Money is scarce, and it fuels everything that is needed to get stuff going, so I can’t be dumb and ignore it. I also need help from people who are much more educated to help me see things I don’t.  Being alone sucks, I do love being in my own company, but so many other experiences are missed because of this infatuation I have to reaching this crazy goal. Sometimes I feel I’m not even doing it right, and want to give up on it entirely, but something inside keeps me up. The past 15 years of my life, learning skills to earn my merit and to reach such a crazy goal…. Cannot be in vain.