Hey folks,
I wanted to finally tryout the WordPress app to post something important away from my computers.


Unreal 4 editing

First of all, my job search continues as i failed to get the best buy job in time. As well i applied to other stores but to no avail. I don’t have merc nor clerk experience. I figured though that if someone i know is inside working already, like a reference, that would be my ticket to get that type of job.


Unity 3D game engine

But now, 5 days before Christmas [as of this writing], it’s out of my hands for any place to accept me since it’s in a saturation point of the season. All of my freelancing search has been relegated to a while from now (in a month), and i need to meet my quota for this month in which it looks very bleak now.

So feeling arrested by all this artistically, its hard to concentrate to make something. I still feel frustrated to continue but also feel sad and depressed to keep up because of this.


My thing now is to fix my gerardolegend.com site for portfolio and keep looking for a day job to keep it afloat. I have faith that things will turn around, but i feel now disheartened by all the rejections.

If there is anyone to help me, you can give a little to my creative cause here: http://patreon.com/gerardolegend

Here is hoping for the best. Merry Christmas.