Hey guys,

So it’s been another while that I haven’t gotten stuff written down here, but I got some cool stuff to mention.

First, my agenda for my new job, School media coordinator, gives me power to create a set of lessons for high schoolers to learn the stuff I know. This, in reflection, gives me more strength in reflecting back my own methods and get better at my own craft. Its basically becoming aware of myself when teaching to the youth ones.

So with that said, the agenda on paper now is to get permission to upgrade a few computers in the lab to install the prime game designing components. This will create a new environment into advancements into engineering and visualization of techinical arts I need to get better results in my designs, as well as go through the process with the students to make something worth mentioning when applying to college and other things.

As that what I said, will basically add to my challenge; to teach the students, in a short time, the way of a rogue artist. Communicating their feelings in these forms, will be in a way, the most powerful manner to catch attention in this age of telecommunications. Back then I only had my VCR to create my animations and such, but these kids have youtube and Vimeo, as well as social sites like twitter and facebook to set their creations on fire! This amplification of intent, will make my efforts peak. I just need to get it started soon! I’ve seen I can focus 10x more than at home, so I need to take advantage of that also.

Until later.