RIP 2011 – 2015 Time of ReBirth

April Fool’s Day, such one will live in infamy! This is when my parent’s business company crumbled and set them into financial uncertainty. It set me into it as well. Powerful waves of energy loves to surface in this time, with such, also disrupt the way one thought that everything was under control. But nope, we are fools to think of it like that! This was the final shake down that created a residual pain that whip lashed all of myself – and even affected my love life at the end. I thought everything was going to be alright, knowing that the evidence I thought real was really strong in foundation. Oh boy, was I wrong. The love I thought existed never truly was, and the echo of such simply lingered until last week.

Love isn’t real until all face of emotions prove it to be. Even sacrifices for that real feeling happens – but yet still you keep without letting go so fast. Without truly knowing that the person who wants you, wants your mind and spirit besides your body. The total package. I was simply a fool to fall into such a trap, knowing the other person really never will comprehend it beyond their own senses. Confusing me to my limits, and now seeing it was all in vain. It was a setup, a mirage. I blame myself for letting such a virus blow out of myself.  I simply couldn’t help it, and I feel lament about it now. The silver lining of all of this is the direction I was taken with such a person. I’m happy today that it happen anyways, I just wished it was really her, the one I’m looking for.

So a new cycle emerges from this, and I don’t know what it really looks like until I see it from the future back but like anything, it’s going to be an experience unlike before.

One of the things that I look up is this fiery position in time of Ares, where change usually happens, is such crazy events unfolding. Truths reveals itself in the most disruptive ways, but that will not hamper things as I see beyond the noise. It will just help my cause to grow spiritually. So I am not taking it negatively – mostly now I see their is a calling from the west side. Of course, there will be residue of the past appearing always, but it’s just life randomly testing me to see if I really did overcome.

From here on out, there will be mostly prosperity and gains. No more bets and no more anchoring of ideals. It’s time to fly.

Happy April 1st!

– g –