Hey folks!

It’s MAY! YES! and no. YES because I’m busy working with so many projects, no because it’s a month full of memories. Sad ones that I don’t put much mind to it but it strikes a cord. So thankfully I’ll be staying very busy.

Now I’m glad to introduce you to my developments in learning Unity3D –

Currently this is my “Just learn how to work it” project, in which theme will be about dreams I have. Because of this open theme, I can do whatever. Shooter, platform, RPG, endless runner – well not that genre, but the previous three I mentioned will be included for fun, starting with RPG.

The video I talk in-depth for 43min. To note, I will not try to make this ambitious. It is though connected to the Dark Zeta universe, and everything I’m learning and R&D will go to the first Retro trilogy of that series. This one project does have a name, but I won’t say until I’m finished with it at 75%.

So here it is, enjoy!

After this, I’ll try to step into my Zbrush-ing and create that very character you see in this sample. Also on my list to do is to learn the unreal character tool for Maya for 3D characters.

I was working on the project above, Project Dreams GX, since April 10. I then went crazy on it on April 20th to April 26. Usually I tend to work at night, that’s when the creative beast comes out to play.

Alright, so besides all that, my work/animation club project is my overlap that I’m focused teaching the students how to get a team flowing. Me and my art partner Gabe have agreed to create a contest. The two teams, centrally helmed by me and Gabe, will compete in the best overall animation short due on May 26th. The winning team will earn a custom trophy and each members will have a $60 gift card to anything they want. Second place winners will get $25 gift cards for their efforts. I’ll have such progress marked at halfway in two weeks on here, so stay tuned.

Until next time…