Hey Folks!

So I got some good news for you today – I finally got my main website, Gerardolegend.com, up and running!

That’s right, now that site won’t replace this super blog spot – it will be treated as a hub of sorts. I’ll have my stream from twitch running as well my schedule running on it. There is a link to come to this page from there, but I still need to get more acquainted with the drupal system (vs WordPress). I wanted to see if the drupal system was more leaner in memory use than wordpress, but I was wrong. So later I’m going to re-remake my domain again with wordpress so I can have more ease of use and directly have links coming off the site to here. I just need it to be a proxy mostly to the things I do and connect other awesome projects to it.

For now, go check out my twitch.tv/gerardolegend channel!  I’m actually broadcasting a lot of technical art stuff for my game developments than just playing games. So don’t be shy and take a look 🙂

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