Potential power within work

Potential power within work

Hey guys, So it’s been another while that I haven’t gotten stuff written down here, but I got some cool stuff to mention. First, my agenda for my new job, School media coordinator, gives me power to create a set of lessons for high schoolers to learn the...

Change of plans

Alright, this is the lowdown on what’s going on with me this week: 1.) I’m dropping a class – My lethargic attitude this quarter let me slip and slide out of control  and so to get a grip I had to cut a class. 2.) Got to cap the mouse holes in my...

Old pile of art

Hey everyone! Long ago (like May of last year) I created some cool art for a class. So to test with the new gallery plugin I added to my site – here you guys go! Enjoy!  [fgallery id=2 w=450 h=385 t=0 title=”Old Pile”]