Hey guys!

It’s been a bit since the last update. In that time I was really focused on getting the t-shirt online shop going and last minute plans on fixing up GridXross Special Edition to drop it on itch.io! As so below

I also have the windows exe of DARK ZETA Vol 1 demo on itch.io for $0.50 cents, so anyone who wants to support me directly, once, they can help me out with any amount starting at that price range, it would GREATLY APPRECIATIVE! (Hell I might put you in the special thanks listing I have on my credits page here).

As for movements for DARK ZETA’s remaking process will take forth later this month of july. Currently I’m in talks with a second programmer who is interested in helping me out on the project. Besides that though, I have to be straight up about something…

Screenshot 2016 - Dark Zeta Pixel Filter

I am extremely fatigued. I’ve lost so much money on promoting the website and online shop but haven’t been able to get anything back. This had prompted me to minor fixer up GridXross:Dreams from the google play store (yanked out the ads) and made it a model so I can use to fund my DARK ZETA project. But of course, I ran out of marketing money (hell I’m dead broke now). So I have to stop and take a break from doing games. I literally was on crunch mode since PAX East, while working full-time at a grocery store. I since quit that job on my birthday to better focus on my efforts to get everyone to help me out on DARK ZETA game project. A way to do so was so supporters can buy some merchandise. Alas… nothing. No luck, even though I had greatly penetrated using facebook ads, nobody bought anything.

So I’m fatigued and needing money to continue to make something that I love, I simply have no choice but to put it on hold again until I can find a way to generate income. These days even though we have so many resources around us, yet I don’t understand why I’ve been having so much bad luck about how to do these things.

All i want to do is make something fun and meaningful. I just feel lost about it now and very fatigued.