…..It’s been 3 long years since I last update this half of my network.

Greetings! So I have returned but things are gonna change now…

Like I mentioned above, It’s been 3 long years since I abandoned this page. It was due to reckless emotion and logically felt to leave it behind until I was ready to commit in changing things in here again.

This page has seen better days for sure. Since lately I’ve been giving out my business cards that I made back in 2013 to folks today, the QR code is set for visitors to see this page first. So for that reason I’m going to reset this page’s frontend as a link branch. The articles will still be here but now you can see post updates on the main address (Gerardolegend.com).

So after this specific post, which it will take me awhile to come back and change things in here, It’s all going to be different.

I’m also making new business cards that will navigate to Mariolegend.com first, as the time of this writing, I’m almost done with that page setup. It will premiere lots of old stuff since the name is from my old screen name from the 90s and 2000s. Gerardolegend was created afterwards to be more direct with me, but that morphed into more of a private persona, while Mariolegend before was way more open extraverted type of persona. The world needs more energetic characters, and my mariolegend persona is set ready to be one going forward with a lot of cool stuff.

Also as you observe here, I’m using psychology terms to better understand my design of my brands. These are facets of myself, and a third one has been in the works too. All three combine is the TribusLegend ▲ group. It will make more sense once everything is fully realized by 2022.

So with all that said, The links are as follows below:

Those are the main attractions. Currently working on Valeriuslegend and DarkZeta websites. Both are totally different from each other. Valeriuslegend is my company umbrella site and DarkZeta is my game/animation project product site.

TONS of stuff in the works right now so it’s gonna be awhile before things get there.

I hope you enjoy! And feel free to come back and check in from time to time!