Hello again amigos!

I’m trying to make this a weekly thing but I’m failing at it. Difficulties of life arise and shit don’t get done. Well, you already know this so let me continue forth what I have in mind today to talk about.

Today’s subject is….


Yes! Time is of the essence! That’s why I’m happy that you have arrived here and care enough to read this post to know what’s been moving around in my head lately. Well to answer that for you, I have many things bashing around in this nogging but mostly I’ve been feeling really dark lately. I currently have been beating myself up and also hating on people. Most of the hate comes from seeing so many dumb shit at work. My belief and expectations of humans, it seems, is a lot higher than I thought – thus it is why I’m greatly disappointed with people in general. I really wish that folks can be a bit more respectful but nope. My experience the last week got me even in more bad shape mentally than the last couple of months. I got con out of 30 dollars at work from a customer really fucking me up with his mind games. That was a huge fucking lesson – that of course I have to beat myself about. It was my fault that I open my will to this individual who I wanted to help, but the cost was deeper than the superficial thirty dollars. It was a disrespect of my selfless will to give a chance to this person. To take out my time and effort to focus on this individual and aid his quest. No, I got screwed and things would have been worse if I didn’t catch it in time. This made me feel like a dead brain moron.

Furthermore I believe that I have been entrusted at my job to keep order and protect its assets. I feel honored about this because there hasn’t been any other place that made me really feel I have such a privilege in doing so, for so long too. July 30th was the anniversary of my first day at this job in 2018. Since then I’ve been trying to shake things up and learn different lessons from it. At this juncture, I feel I will only be able to keep this job to keep afloat my creative operations. This I feel very blessed about so when I was conned I felt the feeling of defeat and dishonor. I felt I failed at my job that day, but everyone around me was very supportive. I spoke to the general manager and told him today about this experience and he told me that it simply is part of the job and not to worry about it. I felt a sense of relief then after but I know what to look for next time although currently when I see a big wad of cash, I feel like running for the hills.

After that my time at work gave me another badge of what to know for next time.


That’s right, next 3 days will be me focused on getting shit done! (Even clean my space too)

Last work cycle I only had 2 days off but in breaks in between Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It was really not enough to rev up all cylinders and rocket through my do to list. It was more like, chill and rest up for the next session. The three days I’m getting is perfect to get things moving again, since it is consecutively. I’m almost done with the video that was promised last month, in which I need to fix up the tempo of it. I even made some extra stuff to post as well once I’m done with the video. I first have to create a draft that is for critique only, then a final draft, then the Final Final complete version. After that note, I can then focus on finally revealing my new look and branch off to Mariolegend’s YouTube Channel with new content. This will also break open Tribus Fabula website’s Story hierarchy (Tree branch) to initiate it. After that then I will focus on porting GridXross Web Version to Mariolegend.com and further showcasing on G-Legend Youtube channel of future developments.

The gamedev stuff will get deeper when September comes! Ohh yeah!

The Ghost shall appear!

Since I’m running off a tangent with my new G-legend X series with Dark Zeta development, I plan to make the game appear in the youtube video series in some form, like shown in the first episode. So I tend to keep this tangent of creative flow going, more so with building a new audience for it! (The exciting part for me in experimenting with this)

So expect more fun stuff ahead! (I apologize for being so dramatic on my last post lol)