Yes, finally, after millenia, this site has been renewed! This will become my main development blog and personal diary from here on out. will become more of a hub to get to here and monitor my social media activities for my main events in the future. An iFrame will do the trick though, to show what’s happening in one place.

I since started this draft back in May, but never got around in finally getting it to publish as i was going through many different parts in updating the network. I have planned to get around Tribus Fabula, Dark Zeta, and ValeriusLegend sites as well. This will take me a few more months in getting everything worked out.

Also Finally I got Gerardolegend main site going, as well as Mariolegend too. Mariolegend i’m going to take out the details about me and make it more dedicated for third parties to jump in and link my bio into ValeriusLegend (once I redo the web engine source to wordpress).

Lately in the past few months I’ve been active in getting my youtube channels going. G-Legend youtube channel has gotten mostly 1 video per week since June and viewership has risen up 800% since then, which is still small but good enough restart to keep on going. I was able to achieve so much but yet it isn’t enough. I’m backed up over a year since the events that has transpired in February of 2019. My motivation, work schedule conflicts, home drama, and energy were all around just bad for while since that point. I did recover slightly some time in the summer of 2019 but then hit another slump because my attention was fully focused on my relationship then. I realized that I wasn’t capable of handling a solid romantic relationship because of how much attention and energy I had to split myself outwards to commit to. I don’t know how my dad did it, but definitely I can’t achieve it. So I broke up by the cause of many factors that was rooted by tolerance and how much energy I could give to the relationship. I could simply continue it but unfortunately my mind wasn’t set to do so anymore. I seek someone who is like-minded that is also focused on creative endeavours that can compliment my own, not to be pulled away from it and become someone other than myself to do so. I’m fixing up a video talking about 2019 in full detail and add this part to it for sure – but then 2020 became way too wild to put my attention away from it. This is why I tend to push hard to focus on summing things up by year’s end or It becomes overly too difficult to recount things about it while so much else is happening in the present time.

I have written down half of my story to ready that video review of 2019, but again, shit is happening by the second in 2020 that it gets very challenging to jump back and forth for it. I set it aside and now I’m mostly focused on getting the Legend network going instead.

Then Covid happened to fuck everything up.

There was a time where I was considering to go back to my ex, then covid happened to throw that possibility out the window. Traveling to another state then became much more trivial since I have to face with the great unknown on getting Covid while on my bus ride to and from. I have to consider not only me, but her and her daughter. I don’t want to be the reason for anything wrong happening just because I greatly wish to see them again. I actually stopped getting on the bus since the emergency happened. The last time I did got on public transit was in June – because of Black Lives Matter.

I went out to protest, and that was an experience that I told in my video that I posted on my youtube channel back in June 2020. That was nuts in of itself. Folks thought I was crazy to do so. Some folks literally blocked me because of it (to your surprise that they don’t live in the states at all). June was the most fucked up month of any time in my life when it comes to worldly affairs. Personally it was meh but because of all the commotion of unsettling feelings, tensions were an all time high with folks who I knew in my circle. Some friends of mine, who are of african descent, totally rejected black lives matter. My sister and a few family members was all about All lives matter, and I’m totally feeling that sense of isolation mentally with the world. It was too much.

It has been an extremely divisive time. Friends and family arguing with what is right to do in this world while others suffer and the dying realizing the true meaning of life. 2020 is the year of a painful surge of events that is burning everything down. Some past elements, physical, transforming and shedding into something else, something new. Folks who once was able to transit between time of the past to present, can no longer do this anymore. Nostalgia hits hard as the memories burn into the abyss. The opposition constantly fighting and bringing down folk’s spirit to endure but hope ladies and gentlemen, still holds up strong – scarred and bloody, still stares directly into death’s eyes without budging.

In between all of this, the new younger generation of folks who are born after 2000, are entering the workforce and greatly influencing what was once our status quo. Slowly, for them, they will change the landscape on us again. The baby boomers are mostly in retirement and some have already passed to the great beyond, but some are still struggling to keep faith and hope alive that things will go back to how it was – yet many know that it will never be like it was ever again. This is why the younger generation is changing everything and want to start on a clean slate. This will progressively be the case. This is why many at the highest centers of control see this trend of civil disobedience taking place because the demise of the last century’s thinking is about to crumble into the dust, besides having no leadership in the States at the moment. The scary thing here is that the world is falling back to 1930s sentiments with an extreme take on it. The root of international motion of hatred and zeal was founded here in the states based on our successful example of killing minorities off in concentration camps that we have next to the mexican border as well. Besides all of that, People in general are so divisive now that nobody is seeing the evil sneak through the door and thus let concentration camps just simply happen today. Then because of us setting this example, elsewhere in the world they are using this again to fuel their own corrupt agendas, again, taking example from us as the “world leader”. We don’t stand a chance at this rate and is all about time when we will see the next world war happen again as the final climax before everything restores back to peace – if in case it should go into that direction. I feel we are still just an inch away before the point of no return and there is hope that things will turn around.

Groups of power and a few others are using this time to confuse everyone with misinformation and make things even worse off because there is no true leadership to stand by on as I hinted before. Remember, divide and conquer? That’s what’s happening. Chop things into pieces, and collect the rewards.

Matt Foley Aug 27 1990 – July 26 2020

So going back now down here. How the fuck does anything I do matter now for anyone who is interested in my shit? Should we even have escapism anymore from a world that is about to blow up on us all? I as hell do feel powerless from all of this madness and understand we need to chill and unplug from this constant stress. I had 3 members of my family face COVID-19. All of them are still alive and fighting it up. I had a friend who passed away because of the health system being overwhelmed by this fucked up circumstance. He didn’t have COVID though but he told me he was facing some real health issues 8 months ago. My coworker found him dead but how he died is still a mystery to me. Some folks in my circle didn’t want to know but some suspect it could have been simply a heart attack. Another friend told me it was by suffocation. I don’t know as of yet, but I do know I’ll find out later when things settle down. He was my gamer friend – my fellow SMASH BROS fighter! He had a library of games that would put anybody else to shame. Such an awesome chill individual too. He was only 29 years old folks. My heart is shredded knowing he’s no longer here with us physically. Spiritually he’s there, but that won’t do if I want to play another round of smash or Mario Party. Definitely I took him for granted and I am missing him. I always expected to see him pass by at work too when there would be another gathering. He did tell me he almost died before too… So I conclude it was simply his time.

Going into another matter – This world in which we must obey to get back to order, folks don’t trust anything anymore because of so many ideas that we are all trapped and being processed to be pulled into a new world order. People forget that we made up the game. We all made up the drama. We set the boundaries folks, nobody else. We set the rules so there could be peace, trust, and respect amongst us all yet we all collide with each other – fracturing everything – thinking there is a greater group playing us all. We give up our powers to the 1% because we want to be interdependent. We know we all have rolls that we must do for the greater society to live and continue being. We are all responsible here but now we are just cowards pointing the fingers to an external source but not doing anything about to fixing things. I believe we all can do better and not need a figure head to dictate what we can do, knowingly that our leader is off the rocks at the moment.

Going back now to my creative being, it is mostly a coping mechanism I’m doing art. I no longer care to make it for anyone else or for the views, but it is wonderful to gather an audience though. The last time I had 100 people watch my shit was when I made a video tribute to a friend of mine who passed away in 2007. That felt so profoundly excellerating and I love to make meaningful things and share it with the world. I know I’ll be long dead before the world will ever care for my works – or simple never will since nothing is forever and things cease to be. I do it because it fills the void in my heart but waking up to know that it will no longer be messes with my mind to care to do so in the first place. I yet still push on forth the spirit in making things.

So having to create a game, some videos, a platform to showcase them all, is something of a wish I had when I was a child to realize all of that. That’s why modifying things to fit a social construct is the goal here to create a dynamic community that will appreciate my creative works and keep it alive after I am gone (As a gift). Hell I shouldn’t even be doing this for legacy either because is dependent highly on expectations of others who have a different point of view on my stuff. So I rather just fill in the void and entertain myself about it and not care what others think I do. I learn things for myself and i feel that is what counts mostly than getting lost in a mob that simply don’t have any real direction and its frivolous to whatever vibe is trending or advantageously doing it for profit.

The wonder and exploration of being creative without any limits is my spiritual goal.

So I just want to say thank you!!! You!! For supporting me and appreciating what I do. Thank you for reading and understanding. Thank you for keeping me on my toes and grounding me. This is another factor why I create – to reach out to someone and inspire to feel and reciprocate. You are amazing! And please feel free to reach me out here in this network for any inquiry you may feel to help me or you about.

I’ll be making more videos directly talking about my personal journey and posting it here so stay tuned! (Subscribe, comment and like my videos to help me too!).