This is where I’m going to post most of the helpful Artist/3D links from now on.


Adobe Color pallets
an artist/web designer’s best friend for color selections

Autodesk 3ds Max help – BlobMesh
How to Use Blobmesh tool

Autodesk 3ds Max help – Path Follow
How to go about doing a path follow with particles

Big Menace Ind
Freak’n awesome Character designs

George Sokol’s DX11 Displaced Icicle material
George describes how to make DX11 style Icicles in UDK

Great Music suggested by Glen miles

Picasa PlugIn Help
Shortcodes for Picasa Plugin

Pyrocluster 3DS Max
Rolling clouds using Cebas plug-in in 3ds Max

Physically Accurate Lighting in mental ray

Suggest Ideas

Universe Timeline Link 1
A Brief History of the Universe by John Baez

World History timeline
Human world history, enough said