An inner voice whispers, “You know you can’t”.

… I receive it as truth. I cannot stop myself from the course I’ve started. Alone now, I walk my own path. Stronger. Focused. Something inside had stepped forward to quiet the noise.

Now I only seek a way to realize my strategies. The smoke screen is only on to those who cannot perceive my intent.

strategy 1

strategy 1

If I want to see results, I can’t no longer hide in the shadows with my own defined low key intent. This is my life, and I dedicated to my creative efforts. It will never stop even if I pout or go into a fit. It is apart of me and I need to unite with it. Everyone knows it isn’t easy.

Perception is "truth"

Perception is “truth”

The creator sees through many different windows in space-time. Seeing itself in many forms, and perceiving it in magnificent variations. The order in chaos in the many minds within minds perceive things in many unique aspects of itself. What you read in my blog will only make you directly feel as if it was you as you wish to relate with it. I write as a collection of thoughts that are only reflective of the moments of my emotional outbursts. Those moments are only exclusively perceived with me and the details lost in translation as well exaggerated. Thus the expectations that one has over another is just a reflection of oneself projected.

This makes it easy to break things too.

Thus there is no difference. I’m always the same. The thoughts written in here are simply ghosts. It also helps to realize the ghost and fix the problems within. There is no beef with it because it wasn’t there to begin with. Hard feelings that really doesn’t exists. Just momentary responses to mental congestion.

… and then something happened. A light of truth sparked. The rhythm flows like a heartbeat. Just have to find the beat, and dance with it. Know that the silence is part of the noise. That the waves have ups and downs therefore I must find it in myself to dance to it. I get tired, I then sit but still know that the beat will still keep on going. So I better sync to my inner rhythm, and jam with it, sitting down, as I stare upwards into space.

Life will rock, and you just gotta keep going with your own definitions and perceptions. Break through with the beat of your drums.

… In the end, I never quit, I adapt and capture the waves to flow with it. The challenge is to flow with life changes. Not go with the flow, but be the flow. Be like water and reform, adapt, change as able as you can, with love. That’s the challenge.

Love, a universal element, transpasses all of space-time. Just gotta hold on to it like a lantern, as it will lead your way through what is still yet to be perceived.