Hey folks!

Um well, if you are one of those who come to see my page for any changes or updates and are lost in why I haven’t updated currently is because of major changes within my own life. Not that major of course, but enough to stop me to update my page that often. You see, I’ve been changing places and working non-stop to be able to pay the bills ya know?

On top of that my desktop computer is going into its 4th year of existance so thus my point is where I want to get to is that my computer is old and needs to be replace soon or I will not have a computer anymore. My hard drive has started skipping which means frequent crashes when working on big projects. So I was forced to move all of my data into my iBook and save as much as I can. I have about 400 Gigs of info that I need to transfer over, plus I need to save all my presets and tools for the next computer. So you see its a very tedious job to transfer all of that so quickly now. Time unfortunately will take me to do all what I need to start walking forward again.

In that month of transition (more so feels like two months time), I’ve been thinking about something. That something is what if I redo my gerardolegend page again with more fancy graphics stuff and leave the blog to another part of my page entirely? Oh wait but first I need to get all my tools updated and have it ready to make stuff happen! So I went to get a laptop, some program tools (adobe CS3 creative suits) and some time to sit down and make some cool stuff.

So that’s what I’m up to too! Oh but wait! Red Sox won the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!! I’ve been celebrating and getting shit faced, plus been working my business in a new style like never before! So yeah, I’ve been good. Never actually better! The emotion of love is here to stay people, and I share some to all who wants some happy going feelings. Not really saying that I am in “love”, just saying that I found love within my beautiful self and now I’m sharing it with as much people as I can! I know though, I’m sounding like one of those crazy peoples who preach crazyness! Oh but crazyness is what I’m here to broadcast to all of you!!! Get you entertain as much as I can, and give good tips on making stuff like myspace layouts and of sorts. lol (hint hint)

Yeah, I’m happy now too because Red Sox won, and yankees suck ass. lol

Oops, so sorry about that comment, is the truth though. Red Sox proved everyone that they aren’t just wining because of luck, is because of pure skill! HA!!!!

so thus I conclude this entry until next time!

– g –