It’s been a while since I updated because I kinda dived into a depression of sorts. Many factors ring into why, but mostly is because of my unemployment status and not having to be with the students to see their progress.

But now I’m back, and I’ve started back up DARK ZETA once again after a year hiatus. This time, I’m continuing developments in a new game engine called Unity (if you didn’t know already) from Game Maker Studio. The reason why is because I know more people who use Unity that would help me than what Game Maker people ever really can with it. So taking advantage from this, presentation wise it will be different from the original concept I was going with the game before. This time I’m going to focus on a common enemy that will share two universes that will leak into Dark’s world. Since GMS (Game Maker Studio) is focus mostly on 2D, in Unity I’m going to use 3D graphics incorporating into the story using the progression of the demon trinity coming from another dimension as a “Voxel menace”. This is something that GMS is not design to do but Unity does it with ease. I’m also using Ork Framework for the RPG elements AND Makinom: Game toolkit inside of Unity to create a rapid prototype of Dark Zeta. All of this project will be housed under Project Dreams GX umbrella. The Levels will be created in Maya and Magicvoxel will supply the monsters and surprise levels.

How it will be implemented will be similar to LoZ: A Link Between Worlds, where the game style is 2.5D angle top down view gameplay, mixing Voxels and Sprites together. I’m recreating Dark’s character in Zbrush and rendering him into pixels . This will help me tie it into the world going against the monsters that are transforming into Voxels.

Not only that, but all the work I’ve done in Volume 1 I’m transferring over to Vol 1.5 via all the insane concepts that I have developed. Now leaving the past behind with the old school game mechanic as Dark Zeta Vol 1 gameplay gave homage to the original Zelda and Pac-man, the new game will have tighter controls and resemble mostly what is expected as a game produced today. So no more nostalgic clunkiness as I was trying to emulate the NES days with.

As for that, I’ll leave you with this video describing what’s going on with me about it all.