Hot damn,

It’s a new fucking year! Woohooo!!! Now….. I have no resolutions. I’m still sticking to the old ones from last year, which is pretty much getting my butt to drive again, and finish what I have started 5 years ago, which is DARK ZETA.

In the midst of creative developments, in romance, education, employment, and health – I’ve been way better than the previous years before. Starting with health, in 2011, on the first damn fucking day, I went to the hospital – to get news that I would have major surgery that would affect everything I do. 5 years later, I’m still standing strong, but the effects are now catching on, as I’ve lost lots of vital elements in my body from that surgery.

Jetty zero

So I fight it with eating as healthy as I can and trying to avoid anything that can get me inflamed and bloated. But as the doctors have approved and told me I’m borderline chronic status in going to the bathroom, that  impedes my selection of physical labor in the employment field. My last job was really hard to carry on since stress levels were high and my post operation with Crohn conditions have dragged me out significantly, energywise. So I’m seeking help about it.

In Education, hopefully I can get to go back to school….. in 2017. lol Not planning to do anything now because I got what I need – and I learn online with many different things that keeps my skills on the cutting edge. I no longer seek tech jobs, I work for myself only now, and if I need money for production, that’s why I’m pushing on Patreon page and such, but as well I’m up for collaborative art initiatives and volunteering positions in that field. You see, greed isn’t me, and I simply think it is madness to work at a place that in the end you can be easily replaced. So I work for myself, and what I can I give back to the local community.  That covers my employment perspective, so I’ll seek help for my health issues that impedes me to do anything that needs my attention in long sessions of time.

Now in romance, well, right now I’m highly interested in a person who lives in indiana. 😉

It’s been such an awesome awakening from Thanksgiving to now. I’m really happy and I feel like I can take the world on with more vigor than previously expressed.

And NOW my true goals – Driving, getting help for my health condition, and finishing up DARK ZETA. On a side note, Jetty, Dark Alpha’s brother (DARK ZETA), is getting his first game before the main event. This is more to learn how to use Unity and get a game out that focuses on addictive way, as well try to have it as a financial node to finance the other projects.

Here is an alpha run to it:

and the character model (Click on it to interactive with it):

I haven’t done hard surface models in a LONG while, but I feel that the practice helps to add to the main DARK ZETA developments (Since there is a plane level in the game), and this only gives me an idea where I can actually add this later in DARK ZETA.

The main hero as well had a remeshing of sorts, where remade him as his 10 year old self. That will come up soon, but first I want Jetty to be proper ready before next month comes rolling in.

The release of DARK ZETA vol 1.5 & 2 is targeted for November 2016, while the schedule for the rest are as follows:

  • DARK ZETA 2 (Nov 2017)
  • DARK ZETA 3 (Nov 2018)
  • DARK ZETA X (Nov 2025, final game)

I might be cutting it that release too close with DARK ZETA Vol 1.5 and 2, but I can surely engage it! I’ve gotten so far lately in unity, that I have confidence I can, even at a slow pace. The underlying engine will carry over to DARK ZETA 2 and 3, as it will mostly focus on story and characters, but the gameplay will change and augment with many different elements to keep it fresh. It’s all about staying focused and keeping my health up for it. That’s why I want something short and sweet out first before so I can fund my projects, as my endeavors are mostly self-reflecting expressions.

Tribus Fabula, or Project dreams GX, will bleed in between these things, slowly, as I have to cover 30 plus characters in that project alone. All uniquely designed, the art part usually takes a while to make versus simply researching and developing the game, in where it’s direction of genre is mainly a traditional RPG, versus DARK ZETA, which is more action oriented than turn based RPG.

So I have no date for Project Dreams GX, just mainly focused on what I started first, as PDGX is mostly a byproduct of DARK ZETA, to mainly give thanks to the people who supported me, I’m making a stand alone RPG game for them.

And that’s all folks, till next time!