Screenshot 2016-02-05 01.46.30(Cropped)
But I won’t let it.

My ego is way too strong to it and what needs to be done must be done to move forward. In some cases it is view as delusional, but I already have a vision on what I’m going to be working on creatively. Sadly this world loves to suck you in and put you under great pressure so that it smashes you into a deformed mush of shit. I won’t let it, instead, I will tai chi my motherfucking way through.

In just minutes, which is even crazy for me to even write an update, I’m going in to work until 9pm tonight, and then again at 7am, where there is only room for sleep in between, slowing down my creative process.

There is nothing else I can do to get the funds as badly required to advance as I need it now. That’s why I have to do what I have to do, even though I’m not happy doing it.

That’s why I have another idea that will link up with other starving artists needing to be saved from this state of limbo. It’s the copy of store model, where community members actually port money into the project democratically.

It’s something that we all artist dearly need to work together and lay rest our egos and do it out of need to survive and also to set a platform where we can all thrive on.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep inching forward into progress.

– g –